Xiaokai’s work is highlighted in Nanomanfacturing Weekly

Xiaokai’s work on improving device area scale-up in SWNT/silicon hybrid solar... 

Francisco Antonio receives NSF Graduate Research fellowship

Here’s a web-link to the awardee list:  Read More →

Congratulations Dr. Xiaokai Li on your Ph.D

Xiaokai successfully defended his thesis “Carbon Nanotube/Silicon Hybrid Solar... 

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Forrest to present at IMLB 2014 in Como, Italy

In Situ Probing of the Catalyst-DMSO Interface in Li-O2 Cells, Abstract  Read More →

Dr. Taylor is invited to talk at AVS 60th International Symposium and Exhibition

Dr. Taylor will present “Nanoimprinted Amorphous Metals for Energy Applications”. To... 

Dr. Taylor gives CRISP public lecture

Nanotechnology for Energy Applications: How small things make a big difference in... 

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